The cleanliness of bathing water is very important for your children and your family to keep them safe. Make sure to keep the water tanks clean.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the causes that result in the pollution of bathing water. Shower water may unknowingly mix with the water in the upper tanks. And this happens because of the lack of water from the surface tanks to the upper floors. Either because of the power outage of the water lift motors (water pumps). Or the water cut off. You have to use stagnant water or water that mixed with tank sediments that have not been cleaned periodically. This water is used either in the shower or to clean vegetables, cooking utensils and kitchen utensils in general. And this is what causes danger to your family.

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Your family health is one of our top priorities. Therefore, we do our best to provide you with excellent services and a high level of professionalism.

1. Using modern equipment for cleaning and disinfecting water tanks.

2. Training our staff of technicians and workers to implement all quality standards

3. Using materials approved by the Ministry of Health. And follow the instructions of the Supreme Committee for Water in the procedures for cleaning and disinfecting tanks.

International Standard for Drinking Water:

Specifications and standards that drinking water and water tanks must meet:

These standards were developed to encourage international carriers such as aircraft and ships to supply water from the country’s airports and ports. Therefore, we present to you the most important standards and specifications approved by the UAE Ministry of Health.

You can rely on water tanks cleaning & disinfection companies:

Jawharat Al Mansoura is considered one of the best companies specialized in the field of disinfection and safe cleaning, because it is known for its vision and practical, confident steps to clean and disinfect all types of tanks, and in a short period of time, our company occupied a prominent position in the Emirates.

Why you should choose Jawharat Al Mansoura services ?

Jawharat Al Mansoura is one of the first approved companies in Dubai and holds a license from the Ministry of Health in the field of cleaning and disinfecting water tanks. It has technical expertise in researching and implementing all procedures for cleaning, disinfecting drinking water tanks. It has a comprehensive team made up of professional engineers, chemists and technicians who have rich experience in implementing, maintaining and treating water tanks. We have a specialized laboratory to ensure that the water is free of bacteria and other contaminants. After completion of the work, the company issues an accreditation certificate indicating that the work has been completed in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

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Our program for periodic examination of water tanks:

Jawharat Al Mansoura Company performs regular examination operations on the water of the tank after cleaning and disinfecting the tank.

The periodic annual checks that we perform:

Chlorine residual testing in tank water.

Alkalinity test of water.

Total dissolved solids test in water (TDS).

The company issues an approved certificate after the completion of cleaning the tank, indicating that the work has been completed to the fullest, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health. As instructed by the American Water Works Association (AWWA).

Steps To Perfect Water Tanks Cleaning Service:

The water tank is disinfected in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the Ministry of Health and the instructions of the Higher Water Committee.

The water tanks disinfection process is divided into two steps: –

The first step: Cleaning the water tanks:

1- Cleaning the opening and the body of the outer tank.
2- Empty the water tank.
3- Use the vacuum machine and high pressure submersible pumps to clean the floor and sides of the water tanks from the inside, using the customized soap.

clean the walls of the water tanks 3

The second step: Disinfection of water tanks:

Using the disinfection materials approved by the Ministry of Health, which are as follows:
65% concentration of calcium hypochlorite
Plus a 15% concentration of sodium hypochlorite.
This is to ensure the success of the disinfection process.

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